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10 Tips to Manage Anxiety

Tossing on the bed and never know why you are losing sleep? Think what you have been thinking while you lay on the bed. You might be thinking about your career, pay, kids, relationship, and even about your neighbor causing you a problem. To be honest, none of them matter most than your sleep. The reason behind your loss of sleep is anxiety. Yes, you would not understand this is anxiety initially but would suffer the symptoms. Find the 10 best ways to cope up with anxiety here.

  • Give it a go till you are bored:

Any fear or worry cannot always occupy you. For those who are afraid of elevators, using it for 30 times can only help to come out of the worst fear. The same way continue to go ahead with the thoughts. Take your time and get immersed in anxiety. Slowly you can find you are becoming less anxious because you are bored to be one.

  • Let it worsen:

Do not try to compress the anxiety. You need to exaggerate it on the other hand. For instance, if you keep thinking about getting divorced and your spouse leaving you, exaggerate. Think what happens when you spouse leaves you. Think what you may do, even getting married again may be on the cards. Remember the mind is the best fiction writer, and you need to get it tuned the right way.

  • Do not fight:

If you think that your spouse divorces you, never fight it, as said above. What should you do? Just tell the same tale to any object on your table. Trust this, you will be so relieved to let the thought out and you can simply carry out the next task.

  • Know about false alarms:

A few things can sound a cue, but they are never a cue for anything wrong. Your spouse may get angry because of the spoilt food or a missed outing. This is not a sign for divorce, just yet another day.

  • Become a spectator:

Let your mind create an actor who sings or enacts your worries to the audience, and you should be one among them. Try to grab popcorn or what you like and watch the show.

  • Fix a schedule:

Anxiety can hamper your career, education, family and what not. This is because you get it anytime. It can jump out of the bag whenever it likes. This visitor should be curbed of this privilege and should be asked to come at appointed hours. Yes, get a time schedule for anxious thoughts. Say, 8 PM every day or 10 AM daily.

  • Never command:

When you lose command over things which are never under your control, you would start getting anxious. Can you ever control the weather? No. So, what is the point in checking for one so many times for any event? All you can do is to check for the climatic conditions twice and then go ahead with apt planning. Too much of checking takes you nowhere.

  • Practice Breathing Technique:

You would find it that you hold the breath when you start getting anxious. You need to breathe out. You should practice to breathe in and breathe out with ultimate concentration.

  • Understand its temporary:

When you are anxious it can seem to be that your worries and fears will come true the very instant. Understand this is temporary.

  • Live the life to the fullest:

Most of your fears turn out to be false. You would be left with embarrassment and inadequate sleep. Understanding this makes it easy for you to live a quality life.