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Carbohydrates are responsible for Obesity not the fats, according to recent researches

Fats are often blamed for obesity. It is true that the eating habits contribute to obesity compared with the rest. There is not a single reason, but there are many, is what the researchers have been claiming all these years. They had been primarily accusing the fat laden foods for the overweight in men and women. Diabetes, hypertension, cardio problems, and too many other diseases and disorders are associated with obesity. Obesity has become the threat for the modern day Americans. While the entire lifestyle is blamed, the major concentration is on the foods one eats. This all started with the research conducted in the yesteryears, which the fats were found to be responsible for the obesity. The research in the recent days has come out with a different theory however.

Which does cause obesity – Fats or Carbs?

It was earlier said that the fat storage is the reason for the obesity in men and women. So, what happened was a dramatic result. People started omitting fats and they went for protein and carbs. But, what many preferred was the carbs. As a result the biggest health problem of US has started emerging. Human body needs all nutrients. Carbs give energy, protein builds mass and fat too has its own significance. When fat has been completely omitted, the body is depriving of it and the function of the fat is not done.  A few years back, one Mr. Atkins declared that consuming fat is the easy to way to slim down and it is necessary to stay away from potatoes and breads. Atkins was a medical professional and had his own theory.

But after years, with too many studies, what Atkins said turned out to be very true.  Triglycerides are raised with consumption of carbs. This leads to the HDL getting suppressed and LDL rises. The HDL is the good cholesterol and the LDL is its opponent. LDL can lead to weight gain and damage the arteries. Fat storage is triggered by the hormone called insulin. When carbs are consumed in higher quantities, insulin resistance is triggered, and this is the reason for type 2 diabetes, which is a kin to obesity.

Do you need to bud bye to carbs?

If the results are just followed without any analysis, again this can lead to serious problems. When it is said that fat is not bad, this does not mean taking in loads of fat cannot be jeopardy to the health. Fats that are natural can be consumed. For instance, consuming meat can be harmful if the meat comes from the animal that is given too much of carbs and hormone medications to make it look healthy. On the other hand the animal that has grazed the natural food is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which is good for health.

The same is the case with the carbs. Complex carbohydrates are great foods. They do not increase the sugar levels in the blood, which can lead to diabetes and obesity. Processed carbs on the other hand should be kept away.

While protein and fat are the most essential macro nutrients for survival, they are consumed lesser. But the carbs that has entered into the food regime recently has taken over everyone’s taste buds, is being consumed twice than any other nutrient contributing to the obesity.