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Chicory Health benefits and side effects

Chicory is a woody, herbaceous plant, commonly known with several names such as succory, coffeeweed, endive and many more. It is loaded with several health benefits, including the capability to give comfort to several diseases. Its ancestries, foliage, and buds are used to create remedies for treatment of several dangerous diseases. It is a natural sedative, which is used to soothe numerous diseases.

The growth of this plant is good in various conditions, and basically originates on the verges in Europe; however it has now grown naturally and can be originated extensively in USA. This plant has an ability to provide relief and to inhibit various health troubles. This plant has been used for several years as an herbal therapy for numerous diseases, and endures to demonstrate its value in today’s era. In language of nutrition, it is an amusing cradle of insulin and beta-carotene. It is similarly a rich cradle of vitamins & minerals together with-* Vitamin A, B6, C, E, and K.

* Zinc

* Magnesium

* Manganese

* Calcium

* Iron, folic acid

* Potassium

Chicory is a part of daisy family. The height of this plant can be 10 to 100 cm tall. The color of Chicory’s long deep roots is milky from inside. Chicory is worth for its ancestries, foliage, and buds, which are eatable after steaming. Chicory leaves and chicon are used as a zest in cuisine and also for salad and other food preparation to deliver flavor to various foods and beverages. It acts as an intoxicant to escalate urine production and to establish the exciting inspiration of coffee. The cream of Chicory leaves can consistently put onto the skin to inhibit ache and exasperation.

Health benefits of Chicory

As stated above, it has several health benefits. It works as a tranquilizer. Some benefits are given below:

Help with Digestive problems

Chicory may deliver concrete care for digestion. It improves the circulation of bile, which helps to breakdown fats rapidly. It enhances blood orientation. The highest concentration of Insulin helps to fight against stomach, indigestion and other digestive concerns. It removes toxins and enhances the blood glucose level.

Inhibit heartburn

Chicory contains the powerful probiotic insulin, which helps to diminish the dryness of the body, which inhibits from heartburn.

Inhibit Cancer

The polyphenol and phytochemical occupied out of Chicory extract can diminish many types of cancer. Due to its high insulin content, it also inhibits the risk of intestinal cancer.

Decrease arthritis and osteoarthritis pains

The anti-inflammatory properties of Chicory diminish the arthritis and osteoarthritis pain by managing joint problems. It enhances malady, stiffness and other symptoms associated with osteoarthritis.

Diminish Fatty acid level and triglycerides

Chicory contains a multifaceted called fructooligosaccharide (one type of insulin), which diminishes the serum triglycerides by preventing the hepatic fatty acid synthesis and at the same time decreasing the production of LDL.

Purify the liver

The insulin is beneficial on behalf of purifying the liver as well as the gallbladder. In assured circumstances, it can assist with oxidative anxiety and injuries.

Prevent contagious toxicities

The phytochemical is handle to preclude various contagious toxicities. The root supplements work as an herbal antacid and assist with various skin problems like spots, suntan, wounds, and even hemorrhoids.

Boost immunity

The polyphenol functions as a dominant supporter, which boost the resistance of the body. The phytochemicals act as antioxidants, which sweep out the free radicals from the blood and prevents from various diseases.

Drop the rate of heart problems

The insulin diminishes the saturated fatty acid levels that drop the rate of heart problems. The extract of Chicory might help in treating arrhythmias, fibrillation, and tachycardia. In these problems, the rate of heartbeat is so quick. Furthermore, it may be extremely effective in treating thrombosis.

Defend kidney stones

It works as an intoxicant that enhances the urine production and assist in protecting kidney problems.

Support to lose weight

It has oligofructose and insulin, which is a usual healthy fiber, which helps to decrease weight. It upsurges the sensation of fullness and breaking down fats.

Inhibit Constipation

Chicory works like purgative. As mentioned above, the insulin works as a likely backbone, which increases ingestion and diminishes constipation.

Decrease anxiety and stress

It has tranquilizing properties, which is used to diminish anxiety and stress and it calms the mind. It has sedative qualities used for sleeping, which is much better than other sleeping pills. Decreasing anxiety and stress also decreases hormonal inequality, insomnia, mental decline, and impulsive aging.

Inhibit Diabetes

The anti-inflammatory properties diminish the risk of type II diabetes as well as jaundice. People often use it as a diuretic and purgative, to cure constipation and gout.

Rich in Antioxidants

Chicory is rich in antioxidants called phenolics. The antioxidants when included as a part of diet supports to enhance the blood level. Chicory built coffee has often been appraised for confrontation to redness because of the aforementioned phenolics and caffeic acid content.

Good source of dietary fiber

Chicory contains Insulin and oligofructose, which acts as dietary fiber. These shares the basic common characteristics of dietary fibers, that is, saccharine of plant origin, which aids to fight digestion and assimilation in the small bowel, and unrest in the colon to create short-chain fatty acids that are taken up and absorbed in various regions of the physical structure. Furthermore, this fermentation persuades a substantial influence.

Probiotic health

The improvement in bifidobacteria has been supposed to give benefit to human health by creating compounds that prevent latent pathogens, by sinking blood ammonia levels, and by creating vitamins and digestive enzymes.

Side effects & Contraindications of Chicory

Chicory has several health benefits, however, it is commonly known as coffee ingredient. It is safe and consumable by human. As scientific research states that, there are no side effects for chicory if taken by mouth as recommended dosage for adult people. However, it may cause:

Skin Irritation

For sensitive skin or for a person who has skin allergy to daisy plants.

Huge consumption is insecure

Taken by mouth in huge amount is insecure in pregnancy. It may cause menstruation.

Huge consumption gives disappointment

Consuming huge amount by mouth for breastfeeding mothers can disappoint as it is not proved safe for mothers.


The correct quantity of chicory for consumption as the cure depends on numerous facets like the age, health and any other conditions of that person. Now, here is not adequate practical evidence to adopt an appropriate type of doses of chicory. Summon up that natural products are not always essentially safe. Before consuming it, refer to your pharmacologist, physician or further health care expert.