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Chili Pepper – Health Benefits & Side effects

Chili pepper or chili, coming from Nahuati is considered as fruit, which comes from the genus capsicum. They are members from nightshade, named solanaceae. It has been named as Chili without pepper in countries like India, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Asian countries. They originated in America, after the exchange from the Colombian; there are lots of cultivars related to Chili pepper which spread over the world, which is used both in medicine and food. India is one of the largest exporter, producer and consumer of Chili.

Health Benefits of Chili pepper

Help in Metabolizing

The characteristics of Chili are warm and spicy. They act upon the spleen and help it in metabolizing fluids and expelling dampness and cold out of conditions of environment. From the above point it is clear that why people living in Sichuan likes it.


Medicines of China consider spleen as major source of organ, which is included in transportation, and digestion of food. They could help the spleen in getting rid of the body dampness and could work better. It could also increase the metabolism and transportation of spleen for getting rid of dampness, so that it could work perfectly with regards to function. It is due to such qualities that it has been considered as helpful food component in weight loss.

Attention on Chinese medicines

Dampness and cold environment could surely hamper the circulation and joints. It could cause stagnation with your joints, which could cause joint problems like arthritis and joint pain. It is also associated with symptoms like numbness or joint tightness, joint pain, aversion to cold, when the climate changes to wet or cold, then the joint pain increases and you could find yourself uncomfortable. It is due to this reason that Chinese medicines are giving more attention towards season and body condition. In case you are suffering from such symptoms and undergoing treatment, then eating some quantity of Chili is going to help you.

Diabetics cure

Eating Chilies could be beneficial for people who are suffering from diabetes and overweight. The studies further carried out also reveals that eating normal Chilies could help in controlling the level of insulin after having your meal.

Booster for circulation

They are often considered as the booster of circulations, they can also have the dramatic impact on the health of individual and it also acts as thinner for reducing strokes. In case you plan to enjoy the benefits of Chili, you are recommended to have it on regular basis.

Responses of studies

There are many studies which depict that Chilies could provide therapeutic effects on body by making it relax in easy manner. It helps in blocking a natural chemical mentioned as substance p, which is involved in perception related to pain and transmission. They could be helpful in reducing and preventing some common problems like migraines, headache, and discomfort caused through sinus, allowing individuals to relax in easy manner.

Properties of Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

They are having anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which are lending themselves perfectly in relieving situations from irritable bowel, and neuropathy, which is caused due to the onset of psoriasis and diabetes. In case you are having cold and you take hot curry then you would find that there is some relieve with regards to your congestion. They could also be easily and quickly open the nasal passage, after which you could breathe in easy manner. The heat secretion helps in getting rid of Mucus from your nose, which is stuffed up.


Fibrin is considered as a substance, which is integral part for formation of blood clots. It is known for reducing triglyceride levels, blood cholesterol and aggregation by increasing the ability of body in dissolving fibrin. Further, it has also been observed that locations where such pepper or Chili is reduced could find lower rate of stroke and heart attack.


When the Chili is of bright red color then it depicts that content is high with pro-vitamin A and beta-carotene. Even a little amount of Chili is providing Vitamin A and Vitamin C in abundance. Both the vitamins are helping in boosting immunity and fighting against damages of radical. Vitamin A is important for mucous membrane health, which lines the passage of nasals, intestinal tract, lungs and urinary tract and is working as the defense of body against substances of foreign. They also help in slowing down growth of H.pylori (it is a bacteria, which causes different type of ulcers).

Pepper spray

Pepper spray made many headlines in the previous year for all the wrong doings through it. It is being used as protecting yourself from unwanted miscreants available across the globe. They are affecting the back pain when applied on your skin.

Effective in psoriasis

They are likely effective from the following that is psoriasis, nerve pain due to diabetes, RA and so on. It is believed that it could be used for medicinal purpose but surely is recommended that you should not apply it to the body when there is any damage to your body. As it’s going to lead to irritation and also could cause deterioration.  Some practitioners claim that it could reduce itching. Still nothing has been proved scientifically.

Side effects & Contradictions

They could lead in indigestion, especially when you are not having them on regular basis at your home.

The sensation of burning when you experience in your mouth could also lead to stomach when you are facing digestion.

Such sensation could result into gastric reflux.

Over the counter, antacids inhibitors of protein pumps like H-2 receptor are blockers like cimetidine and ranitidine, which helps in suppressing reflux.

You should be sure that you have taken proton pump before having hot pepper, because it does not act instantly.

Even if you are not eating the hot pepper, then also there are chances that you could suffer due to just handling them.

The skin could lead to itching and burning sensation. It is recommended that whenever you are dealing with pepper then you should surely take care and wear the gloves due to which you could reduce any kind of rashes on your skin.

It is recommended that women who are pregnant should avoid Chilies. There are some scientific studies, which reveal that they could increase the possibility of premature childbirth. It is suggested that you should contact your doctor before taking Chilies during that duration.