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Dandelion Greens Health Benefits & Side Effects

Dandelion greens benefits in weight loss, constipation, vitamin and mineral deficiency, vision loss, loss of appetite, urinary tract infections, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes. The Dandelion greens side effects include allergic reaction if a person is hypersensitive to it.

Taraxacum is one of the larger genuses of flowering plants in the family of Asteraceae. They are native to the locations or regions like South and North America, two of the species mentioned as erythrospermum and officinale which are found in the weeds worldwide. Both of the species are edible in the entirety. The common and general name of it is known as Dandelion which is given to the members of the genus, and like other family members mentioned as Asteraceae. They are tap rooted biennial and perennial herbaceous plants which are native to the temperate locations and areas.

Health benefits of Dandelion greens

Low calories help in losing weight

Fresh dandelion greens, roots and top flowers are having valuable constituents, which are well known for disease preventing, anti-oxidant, health promoting features and so on. Fresh leaves which are present are of lower calories and helps in preventing just 45 calories per 100g. Further, it is also good source or medium for dietary fiber. In addition to it, its latex is a good laxative.  These are the active principles in the herbs, which are helpful in reducing weight and then controlling the cholesterol levels in your blood.

Acrid Resin and Taraxacin

The roots and some other parts of the plants contain bitter crystalline compounds taraxacin, and an acrid resin. Further, the roots also contain insulin and levulin. When together these compounds are responsible for various therapeutic properties, related to herbs.

Beneficial for eyes and skin

Fresh herbs provide 10161 IU of Vitamin –A per 100 g, about 338% of the daily-recommended intake, one of the highest sources of the Vitamin-, A which is among the culinary herbs. Vitamin-A, is one of the essential and important fat-soluble vitamin and anti-oxidant which is required for maintaining healthy and mucus membranes, visions and skin.

Protect retina

Their leaves are packed with numerous health benefiting flavonoids such as lutein, zea-xanthn, carotene beta and alpha. The consumptions of the natural foods, which are rich in Vitamin A and the flavonoids, are helping in protecting body from lungs and the oral cavities of the cancers. Zeaxanthin is having a photo-filtering functions and do protect retina from the UV rays.

Regulate heart rate and blood pressure

The herb is also one of the good sources of the minerals like calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, iron and so on. Potassium is one of the essential components of the blood fluids and the cell, which helps in regulating heart rate and the blood pressure. Iron is one of the essential components for the blood cells production. They are used by the body as one of the co-factors for the anti-oxidant enzyme and superoxide dismutase.

Alzheimer’s disease

It is also quite essential for the vital vitamins, which are mentioned as folic acid, pyridoxine, Vitamin-E, Vitamin –C and niacin that are essential for the optimum health. Vitamin-C is one of the powerful natural anti-oxidant. They are providing 58% of the daily-recommended levels of the vitamin-C. They are the richest herbal sources of the Vitamin K, which are providing about 650% of the DRI. Vitamin K has the potential role in the bone mass, which is building by the promotion of the osteotropic activities in your bone. It also has established roles in the treatment of the Alzheimer’s disease patients by limiting neural damage in the brain.

Dyspeptic complaints

The parts of the plants are being used as the herbal remedy for the liver and the gall bladder complaints. The herb is also one of the good tonic and appetite stimulator and is also good remedy for the dyspeptic complaints. The inside portion of the flower stems are being used as the smothering agent for the burns and stings, which is for an example- stinging nettle allergy.

UTI’s Prevention

It helps in preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs). A specific combination of the dandelions leaf and root extracts of another herb are called uva ursi, which is taken by mouth, seems to help in reducing the number of UTIs in the women. In this combination, the uva ursi is used due to the fact that it seems as if it has killed the bacteria and it is used in increasing the urine flow. However, the above combination should not be used long term because of the fact that it is not now known if the uva ursi is safe for the extended use or not.

Mild laxative

They are acting as the mild laxative, which are promoting in digestions, stimulating appetite and balancing the natural and beneficial bacteria in the intestines. This weed like super food is a diuretic, which helps in cleaning of the kidney waste, salt and excess of water. It is inhibiting microbial growth in the urinary systems. It has been shown to improve functioning of the liver by removing the toxins and re-establishing electrolyte balance and hydration.

Rich in Anti-oxidants

Each part of it is rich in the anti-oxidants, which are preventing and free radicals are damaging to the cells and the DNA. It is slowing down the aging process in the cells. A recent animal study shows that the promises are helping in regulating insulin levels and blood sugar.

Reduce the inflammation

They also contain the essential fatty acids and phytonutrients, which reduce the inflammation throughout the body.

Side effects & Contradictions of Dandelion greens

It is likely considered as one of the safest thing for every individual, when they are used in an appropriate manner.

It is safe when it is being used with the medicinal amounts. There is not much of the information’s available with respect to having it during breast-feeding and pregnancy.

For staying on the safer side, people are recommended to avoid it. In some of the cases, one should have avoided the allergic reactions when taken from the mouth or is applied on the sensitive skin of the people.

Peoples who are allergic to plants like ragweed and related plants should try to protect themselves from it as well.

It is recommended that before using it you should check from your health care provider.

It is an herb whose ground parts and the root are being used for the medicinal parts. It is being used for many of the conditions but still there are not much of evidences for determining whether it is effective for any of them or not.

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