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Eggplant Health Benefits & Side Effects

Health benefits of Eggplant include its ability to prevent cancer & diabetes, lower cholesterol and improve the immunity. The side effects of eggplant are allergic reactions, rashes, nausea & throat swelling.

Scientific name for Eggplant is Solanum Melongena, a species that is of nightshade. It is known as aubergine according to British English. Apart from that, it has also been given names like guinea squash, garden egg and melon gene. In continents like South Asia, South Africa and Southeast Asia, it is known as brinjal. It is member of genus solanum, so it is also related to potato and Tomato. The plant is quite delicate which is cultivated in tropical perennial as a half hardy or tender temperature of climates.

Health Benefits of Eggplant

It is checked out that according to botanical records brinjal is considered as fruit and not vegetable. Whereas when it is cooked in kitchen then it is referred to as vegetable. Although the plant doesn’t contain high level of individual vitamins, there are many health benefits, which could be listed or checked out as under-

Controlling diabetes

It helps in controlling diabetes. They are extremely rich source of low soluble carbohydrates and fiber. They are highly beneficial for regulating the level of blood sugar and also in absorption of Glucose. So it makes the best solution or means for people who are ailing from type 2 diabetes. The extracts of the plants could inhibit an enzyme, which is responsible for causing type 2 diabetes.

Level of Cholesterol

The level of cholesterol could be brought down to maximum extent by using this plant. It also helps in stabilizing the level of blood pressure. Due to potassium, content, which is available in the vegetable, body, could be kept hydrated. It ensures that retention of fluids could be avoided and helps in protecting or preventing coronary heart disease.


The plant does contain phyto-nutrients, which helps in keeping the cell membranes protective from any type of danger or damage. Also helps in facilitating transfer of messages from one part to another and helps in preserving function of memory. They also help in improving the blood circulations and then nourishing the brains. The nutrients are concentrated towards the skin of the plant, so it is advised that it should not be thrown or char.

Intake of Iron

In the daily life intake of iron is quite essential but having iron in high quantity is not at all good for the health of human beings. Nasunin, which is present in the plant does helps in removing excessive iron from the body. It reduces the chances of heart attack as it is going to damage the existence of radicals, which are free in individual’s system.

Low in calories

They are high in content of water but quite low in units of calories. Due to it’s this unique feature it is considered for reducing or losing weight. The spongy structure is having this unique feature and is also recommended that it should be consumed in natural form. The contents of fiber, which are available in the vegetable, allow speeding up of metabolism process. It helps in burning of fat and so it is recommended that those who are feeling that they are gaining fat, should start consuming plant.

Vitamin & Nicotine

They are having ample amount of Vitamin C due to which it has become an effective means for anti-bacterial and anti-viral source. It also helps in quitting smoking because it is having some small portion of nicotine.

Studies at Japan

Researches done by Japan, reveals that the juice provided by this plant could reduce cancer risk. Trypsin is the component, which is believed to help in neutralizing cancer causing cells. It is helpful in treatment of colon cancer as there is high quantity of fiber available. Researchers have found that the plant skin is containing more fiber.


It contains potassium, which is quite high, which could be plus or minus 217 mg/ 100 grams of sodium (sodium) which is low at 3mg/100 gram. When there is high level of potassium and a low level of sodium then it could help in preventing hypertension. In 1970, a research of rabbits, which were fed with plant then it, can reduce the accumulation of the fat in the blood vessels by preventing clogging of the arteries.

Minerals and Vitamin K

There are numerous minerals, which are available in the plant like calcium, iron which is essential nutrients which are required for the body part. They are quite delicious in many of the avatars. When you are taking plants regularly, it helps in preventing the blood clots. They are rich with bioflavonoid and Vitamin K, which is helpful in strengthening capillaries. The content of water in the plant nourishes the roots of your hair from within. It helps in keeping your hair stronger. A person whose hairs are dry and rough, should eat this plants. You could stay fully hydrated and nourished with the eggplants is added in your diet.


They also contain niacin, which is also known as Vitamin B-3. It is water-soluble vitamins which are incorporated into enzymes which break down protein, fats, alcohol and carbohydrates for producing energy. They are also participating in your body’s working and production of cholesterol and fatty acids.

Eggplant Side effects & Contradictions

According to different reports, it has come to the light that eggplant can result into some kind of allergic reactions.

It could include nausea and throat swelling, although some more common reactions which includes rashes and itchiness.

Parents should take care that their children are not allergic to eggplant. Common antihistamines could treat the allergies of plants.

Chefs do recommend that whenever you are using eggplants in food, it should be fresh and young for best combination of taste and nutrition.

When the plant is served with the skin then it is better for the source of nutrients and could be peeled.

According to the New York Times, it has been noticed that it contains nicotinic acid, which is quite similar to the molecular structure.

Although the egg plant could be eaten raw still there are few things which need to be considered.

There could be chances that many of the people are quite allergic to plant and could result into gastrointestinal issues.

They are glossy, vegetable of purple color, which could grow in different sizes like large, round etc. If you talk about it in technical manner than it is for sure that, it is known as fruit. They are used as vegetable when it is cooked as food. They are short lived and well known as perennial vegetables but are generally cultivated annually.

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