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Gum Ghatti (Anogeissus latifolia)

Gum ghatti is a natural gum, mostly found in India and widely used as in making food, in making of pharmaceutical products, and in making paper. It is excellent emulsifier and thickener. It is a mixture of sodium, potassium magnesium and calcium salt.

Gum ghatti is also referred as Anogeissus latifolia. It has been used since the ancient Egyptians. That time ink and cosmetics are used gum ghatti as one of the important ingredients. Gum ghatti used by mummification process that time. Founder of this product is Arabians in Europe. It is in powder form. It is mostly available in Pakistan and major part from India. Now a day, some little amount is grown in Australia, china, United States, Africa countries. It is best grown from July to November, December months. Its peak season is in winter. It needs lots of water for growing.

Chemical Structure

Its chemical structure is a complex non-starch polysaccharide. It is an exudate of Anogeissus latifolia tree wall and it is comprised of high molecular weight polysaccharides (12000) such as arabinose, mannose, xylose and glucuronic acid. It is highly water-soluble product. When it dissolves into water, it will become slimy product. It is not affected by the little amount of acid or alkali agent. Sometimes it is used as a buffering agent. It forms mucilage that less viscous than gum karaya and higher than gum Arabic.


It is white to slightly yellowish color and odorless.

About plant

Tree of gum ghatti is very large in size. Dry and deciduous forest is convenient for growing gum ghatti trees. It has multiple rounded tears and glassy fractures on its surface. Diameter of one crystal is less than 1 mm.

Health benefits

It is best accepted for its medicinal effects on the body. Gum powder is widely used for medicinal use. It is a part of alternative medicine to treat different varieties of the disorders.

Cell communication process in the body is depending on eight essential amino acids. These amino acids are available from polysaccharide of gum ghatti. Polysaccharide is essential for increasing immune system against neurological and autoimmune disorders. It is widely used as preservative and thickener agent in various food products. Very little quantity is needed for thickening food. It works ten times more than cornstarch as thickener agent. Salad dressing and butter-flavored syrups are best-used gum ghatti powder. Its main characteristics are antibacterial, antioxidant and provide protection against gastric disorders. Sometimes it is also used as lubricant in the body. It also works a healing and soothing product. Appetite suppression is best achieved by the intake of gum ghatti powder.

Reduce cholesterol level

It is widely used to decrease the concentration of cholesterol in blood. It decreases the reabsorption of the fat soluble. It decreases the activities of liver lipids and functions of enzymes such as glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and NADP-linked malic enzyme and reduces cholesterol. Dosage – 250 mg per kg is effective to reduce cholesterol level. It significantly decreases triglyceride levels. It helps to elevate high density lipids, which are good for our body. 500 to 700 mg per kg shows the powerful effect on serum cholesterol level.

Healing of wounds

It also increases the speed of the process of healing of wounds. It has highly antibacterial effect that destroys bacteria and provides immunity. It also enhances the circulation at the local site.

Other healthy effects

It also lessens the harmful effects of chemotherapy in patients with cancer. It also helps to fight against the early aging process. Weight loss is also achieved by intake of this powder.

Reduce blood sugar levels

Consumption of gum ghatti will decrease or restricts the absorption of sugar in blood from the intestine that why it decreases the blood sugar level in blood and helps to keep away diabetes.

As emulsifying agent

It is widely accepted for its emulsifying characteristic. This characteristic is due to its protein compounds. It greatly binds with oil. Oil in water emulsion is widely used in us as an application. Acid stable wax emulsion is also used little quantity of gum ghatti. Aqueous resole dispersion making process also uses this gum. It is widely used as emulsifier in butter containing syrup, beverages, petroleum, non petroleum waxes, etc…

Side effects

Excessive consumption of gum ghatti powder or capsules cause diarrhea. Its high dose increases the laxative effect. It swells up in the intestine and makes it dilate.


Please do not take it more than 50 grams per day it interferes with absorption of some minerals and vitamins from the intestine into the blood. If you want to take it in powder form, do not consume more than two tablets per day.

Who should not eat?

There is no side effect of gum ghatti. Everyone can take this. However, who are under nutrition. Take it with caution because gum ghatti sometimes interferes with absorption of useful elements.