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Health Benefits of Celeriac

Celeriac is also known as knob celery or knob turnip or rooted celery. It is a kind of celery, which is cultivated for its edible shoots, roots and hypocotyls. Sometimes it is also known as celery root. In Homer’s Odyssey, it is mentioned as selinon. It is cultivated in regions like North America, Siberia, North Africa, and Southwest Asia and so on. It is also known as the root vegetable with the bulbous hypocotyls. It in common terms generated in the basin of Mediterranean. They are also well known as the ugly duckling among the vegetables.

Benefits of Celeriac


It is low in calories and 100 g of root contains just 42 calories, which is bit higher than its leaf tops. The smooth flesh has some health benefit of plants, which has nutrients, vitamins; minerals and dietary fiber. They also contain lots of poly-acetylene and anti-oxidants like falcarinol, panaxydiol, falcarindiol and methyl-falcarindiol.

Protects Leukemia and Cancer

Lot many of the researches have showcased that  the compounds in it are having anti-cancer functions and are offering protection from acute lymphoblastic leukemia and cancer.

Source of Vitamin k

It is a remarkable source of Vitamin K. 100g root of it is providing around 41 ug or 34%, which is recommended on the daily basis. Vitamin K helps in increasing the bone masses by promoting their osteotropic actions in the bones. Researchers do suggest that they have also established some roles with respect to Alzheimer’s disease patients by restricting the neuronal damage with respect to brain.


Its root is quite good source of some kind of essential minerals like iron, phosphorus, calcium, manganese and copper. Phosphorous is required for metabolism of cells, teeth, bone and buffer system. Copper is helpful in restoring immunity for bone metabolism and preventing anemia.

B-Complex & Iron

It also contains valuable B- Complex vitamins like panthothenic, pyridoxine, riboflavin, thiamin and niacin. Fresh roots are also providing moderate amounts of Vitamin C.Iron, which is present in it, is helping in maintaining the blood vessels in patients who are suffering from anemia and are also helpful in preventing during menopause and are also beneficial for pregnancy along with helping in internal hemorrhage. They also help in bleeding problems and also help in maintaining the levels of blood and when blood is replaced then it prevents from sickness. Vitamin B-12 also helps in synthesis of DNA and also helps in leukocytes, and also do help in maintaining the nervous system health and also checks for the depression problems.

Rich in Vitamin C & Carbohydrates

They are rich with Vitamin C and do helps in preventing different kind of diseases and improving the immunity and helping in removing the dead cells from your body. They also helpful in removing the microbial diseases and protect us in its capacity of healing. The diet rich with carbohydrate is helping in maintaining the emergency levels of energy and do take care of handling the blood sugar levels and preventing from any kind of sickness.

Availability of Nutrients

There are many nutrients, which are available in it due to which it helps in preventing the loss of water which is contained in body. It also helps in preventing electrolytes from the body and helpful in maintaining the blood flow in the body. They do also protect from the head stroke and in removing the toxins of the body and in also maintaining the smooth and easy functioning of kidney.

Cells of Cancer

There have been lot many researches which depicts that extracts of the root is containing polyacetylene compounds which are helpful in destroying their cells of cancer in vitro.

Heart Patients

Heart patients are recommended to have it on the regular basis due to which there could be reduction of risk with respect to heart attack. People who are having high cholesterol should include it in their regular diet. They are high in water-soluble fiber and lower the cholesterol level.

For Nerve and Urinary issues

People, who are suffering from nerve related issues, must include such kind of vegetables in their regular food habits. The people who are suffering from the problem of urinary are recommended to include celeriac in their diet on daily basis. The content of phosphorus works as wonder for the patients suffering from these issues.

Root and stalk

The root of the vegetable is eaten after it is boiled in the salty water. The leafy stalk of the celeriac is in some cases eaten as seakale. It is quite effective diuretic. The content of sodium in it helps in eliminating the access of the acids and water from your body. Due to which it loosens muscular skeleton and reducing stiffness.

Digestive system

It also helps in enhancing the digestive systems due to the fiber content. The juice of it is quite good appetizer and does helps in regulating the movements of the bowels and therefore preventing issues of the constipation.


Its juice is quite beneficial for the people who are suffering from acidity as the result of calcification and situation in the degeneration of the joints and bones. It is beneficial for the people who are suffering from insomnia and disorder of nervous system. The juice when consumed revitalizes your brain and enhances the memory and also helps in solving the issue of dizziness.

Side effects & Contradictions

When you are consuming celeriac then you may induce some allergic symptoms in people who are already allergic to pollens such as mugwort and birch.

The major allergen of the pollen would be initiating awareness of the celery, hence it has been a cross-reactions.

Such kind of situation is quite visible in the area or locations mentioned in Europe and other cross reactive with allergens from different sources, which may or may not have occurred individually.

Some allergens are resistant to heat and therefore it should be remembered that while cooking, not to get detracting from its properties of allergies.

They are contributed with rich minerals and vitamins, which helps your body staying fit and healthy. The root could be taken as the food when it is firm and then turns into light brown in color. It is quite wonderful for the consumption of the vegetables as it is low in calorie content. May be they are not attractive but are good for the health of the human beings.

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