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Health Benefits of Beans

Beans benefits include prevention from digestive diseases, antioxidant effects, nutritional benefits because beans are loaded with a lot of nutrients.

We can say a lot about beans. Although it is considered as one of the most cheap and affordable vegetable all around the world, it contains rich qualities than many other vegetables.

They are high in protein, vitamin, fiber, folate, copper, zinc, potassium, magnesium, antioxidants and the list goes on.

The surprising effect of eating beans is that even if you eat less, you will feel contented and satisfied to your amazement. This is such a hearty experience you will gain by consuming it in the longer run.

Benefits of beans

The following are some of the main benefits of eating beans.

Weight management

People with obesity can eat beans to control their weight and set it to a normal level. When weight gain exceeds the limit, it has the ability of leading to harmful diseases such as heart problems like stroke, coronary artery disease, etc. When we get older, we need fewer calories than we used to when we were young. Miraculously, beans will provide the necessities, as it is known as a diet food. This enables to give strength to the body without increasing our calorie intake in our daily meals as one cup of beans has more or less about two hundred calories in general.

Colorectal cancer

Cancer is a dangerous disease. Once a person is diagnosed with cancer, it takes few months to one year depending on the severity of the disease. The scar created by cancer will take time to fade from the minds of the cancer patients. All types of cancer can be controlled from eating beans but particularly colorectal cancer can be prevented from occurring. Eating beans on a regular basis can prevent colorectal adenomas, which are the main reason for getting above colorectal cancer. The insoluble fibers present in beans can help cleanse the colon thus reducing colorectal cancer in women who are irregular in their periods. Other cancers can be easily prevented as beans has antioxidants in beans has anti-cancer and anti-ageing properties. Dark colored beans are good for decreasing the effect of pre-cancerous lesions.


Nowadays even a nine-year-old child is affected by diabetes as the saying goes, for getting a disease age is no bar. If the risk of getting diabetes has to be reduced, beans are the means to regularly defend and weaken the disease. A health study involving sixty four thousand women showed that eating beans specifically soybeans and legumes destroyed the presence of type-2 diabetes. The more and more beans they ate, the lesser the chance of getting type-2 diabetes.


An infection in the human immune system is HIV/AIDS. Beans consist of nutrition like peptides that improves the immunity level. The persons who are affected by the disease can also eat it to increase their life span.


People who have thyroid problems  must be very cautious while eating beans like pinto beans .There is excess iodine which rises the secretion in thyroid affected people. If not treated, thyroid problem can lead to thyroid cancer.


Pregnant women must eat beans to give birth to healthy babies. The folic acid or the folate present in dry beans plays a crucial role in pregnancy as they prevent birth defects in babies.


Beans help to improve memory and create good vibe in the minds of the people because of the presence of Quercetin, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Blood Pressure

Electrolytes present in beans helps to regulate blood pressure and therefore prevents from major heart diseases such as stroke.


Beans reduce the risk of getting dysentery. Dysentery is also known as the bloody Flux. It is caused by a severe infection. Abdominal pain, fever, apart from that along with diarrhea, blood and mucus outside the feces are common symptoms, which can be brought under control by eating beans.

Gas attacks

Gas attacks are due to mixing up of food items such as beans with bacteria in the large intestines. Hence, eating beans continuously without negligence can help to avoid gas attacks.

Side effects of eating beans

There are two sides to every vegetable. One is the positive and another one is the negative. With the above-mentioned positive side of beans, let us now see the below negative side to get a fuller view of this famous legume.

  1. Without a doubt, beans can reduce the risk of obesity in people. On the darker side, it can cause the alternative depending on how much one eats. Too much of anything is good for nothing. This proverbial saying can be applied to beans. If combined with tomato sauce, the calorie intake may rise at an unimaginable rate.
  2. Problems like digestion and constipation can be triggered when the food inside the intestine is affected by the level of fiber intake. If eaten more, they can cause diarrhea and slow the bowel movement. It will be wise to drink water or else it may have adverse effects as fiber is the most important component that the bodies have trouble digesting with. This can definitely result in cramping that is not only irritating but also painful.
  3. There are some harmful toxins present in certain beans like kidney beans. Hence, removing them requires more caution. For instance, it must not be over boiled or under boiled as they pose a great threat to the human body. Sometimes they may or may not taste good or smell bad and yet eating them is highly toxic than eating raw beans.

Even though one can benefit a lot from eating beans cautions must exist, as the toxins such as the mentioned will pave way for difficulties including gastro intestinal problems, and few such issues to people who are eating beans for the first time. Therefore, it is advisable to get physical exercise and get proper advice of a physician before eating them. Other than that, there are no any hurdles in eating all kinds of beans.