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Health Benefits of Beetroot

Based on various researches, beetroot benefits in diabetes, cancer, lack of physical stamina and lowers blood pressure, enhances blood circulation etc.

Beetroot has been known with different names across the globe. In North America, it is known as garden beet, table beet, golden beat and red beat. They are major varieties, which are generally available in Central America, North America and Europe. In general or common the deep red roots of beetroot are taken in different forms like either they are grilled, roasted or cooked  as vegetables and people usually  boil it as well. In Eastern Europe, soup of beet, like borscht, is quite famous dish.

Health Benefits of Beetroot

Outcome based on research

According to the heart foundation of British, eating vegetables, which are rich in nitrates, could help in reducing blood pressure. In year 2010, Queen Mary’s University did another research and they backed the statement that it is helpful in reducing blood pressure. It is rich source of nitrates, which when consumed, gets converted into a gas called nitric oxides and nitrites. Both these components are helpful in widening arteries and lowering blood pressure. It was also found that if you are eating just 500 grams of beetroot on daily basis then blood pressure could be reduced in just 6 hours duration. Another important fact, which came into focus, was that the higher the level of blood pressure resulted in same amount of drop as well.

Prevention from plaque

It helps in preventing formation of plaque around arteries and reduces the cholesterol, which is a major health issue these days. It contains large quantities of flavonoids, betacyanin and soluble fibers. Betacyanin is one of the components, which is provides purplish-red colour to it and is also known as powerful anti-oxidant. It is quite helpful in reducing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and it does not allow any deposits on the arteries walls. It is this feature, which helps in protecting the heart from potential store and heart attacks. With its help, you can say goodbye to medications.

Folic Acid

It has an abundant flow of folic acid. Folic acid is quite essential for unborn babies and pregnant mums. It is one of the essential components for the formation of spinal cord of the unborn child. They also protect the child from situations or conditions like spina bifida (it is considered as the congenital disorder in which the spinal cord of the child does not take the shape completely).

Abundance of Minerals

It is fully packed with mineral named as silica. It is one of the essential components, which consider calcium in sufficient manner. It is recommended that a single glass of beetroot juice could help you in cases like brittle bone and osteoporosis at bay. It also contains nutrients like Vitamin C, Magnesium, folate that is the best supplements for strong bones.

Relieve to people suffering from diabetes

People, who are suffering from diabetes, could have beetroot and get relieved from the craving of sweet. It contains less amount of sweet, low in calories, fat free and has a medium glycemic index.  It is even recommended by doctors nowadays. They are considered as one of the wonderful and remarkable tonic for clearing of liver and due to which we can prevent various kind of cancers. It has been used for its medicinal values from ages itself. It is also considered as the best friend for the liver. They are having the feature of detoxification. Smokers who take Cigarette should inculcate the intake of beet juice in order to get rid of this bad habit. It is quite popular treatment for cancer.

Dietary plants

They are wonderful sources of energy to the dietary plans. Due to its high volume of nutrients, multitude of uses and delicious tastes, you could witness decline in the mental power of the aged people across the globe. It could be absorbed that as people get older, they tend to reduce their memory power. It is recommended that if you are taking beetroot on regular basis then it could increase the flow of blood in the brain. Due to its consumption, there could be reduction in dementia.

Past experiences

The benefits of beetroots are known from ages since Romans. During that duration, it was used for treating constipation and fever. Hippocrates, who is well known as father of medicines, has advocated the uses of the leaves, which are helped in binding of wounds. In middle ages, it was used for treating wide range of conditions, which covers blood and digestion problems.

Better sources of carotenoids

It is good source of carotenoids such as Zeaxanthin and lutein. These two components are quite essential for health of your eyes and that of retina. When you are having the juice of beet, it helps in absorbing carotenoids easily. It is recommended that beet should be consumed in raw manner because; once it is cooked, it reduces the carotenoids easily.

Juice of Beet

When you are drinking the juice of beet, it increases positivity and reduces the negative effects due to the exercises on your body. It increases the stamina and energy, which helps in motivation of people in working hard. It also presents that body is showing remarkable increase in stamina and balancing your oxygen. It is beneficial for people who are suffering from infection of Epstein Barr and glandular.  It is also helpful in treating menstrual problems, toothaches, lumbago and headache.

Side effects & Contradictions

  1. Beet juice is diuretic and laxative, so if it is consumed in excess then it could result in upsetting stomach and problem with intestine.
  2. One or two glasses of pure beet juice intake could reduce your blood pressure drastically and could result into weakness and dizziness.
  3. Patients, who are suffering from urolithiasis and Hypertension, should avoid intake of root and should stay away from it.
  4. If you are taking the beet juice and it is not diluted then it could result into diarrhea. Therefore, it is recommended that it should be diluted before using.
  5. People who are suffering from bile duct or kidney issues should avoid the intake of it else it could lead to some grave health conditions.
  6. They also result into some kind of allergic effects such as chills, fever, rashes, itching sensation and burning. When all the above symptoms are witnessed then you should reach out to your doctor and get appropriate solution from them.

If you are taking beet as an essential ingredient in your food habits then there could be chances that your both stool and urine could turn to red in color. You should not fear as the change of color is quite normal and there is nothing to worry. It is quite powerful, due to which it is recommended that it should be taken in right quantity else, it could result in bad health.

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