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Rose Essential Oil for Women

Rose is a very beautiful flower in the world and now provides many beneficial effects on health. Cosmetic products and various medicines contain rose essential oil. There are more than 5000 different varieties available in this world. Extract of rose damascene is widely used for making rose oil. It is widely used in production of perfumes.

Roses provide many therapeutic effects like astringent, bactericidal, anti viral, antispasmodic, and anti depressants etc.

The major rose essential oil manufacturing countries are Bulgaria and France. It is also manufactured in Italy and China.

Burgaria has produced large amount of rose oil than other countries in this world. Approximately 250 kg rose petals are needed for making 1 liter rose oil.

Benefits of Rose Essential Oil for woment

Effects on skin – Removes acne and pimples

There are many beneficial effects of the skin through use of rose essential oil. It is strong bactericidal activity, which destroys the bacteria. Rose essential oil is widely used in the treatment of acne vulgaris, which occurs due to propionium bacterium acnes.

Rose helps to kill these organisms. You may dilute oil with coconut oil and apply this mixture on the acne prone area for four times in a day. Wounds and burns like skin problems are easily alleviate by rose essential oil when used as topical application.

Dry and rough skin is well moisturized with rose oil. On oily skin, oil gives astringent effect. It helps to tighten the skin and open the skin pores.

It also removes the scars or dark spots of acne. It causes contraction of blood vessel muscles. This property helps to stop bleeding from cut and wounds.

It gives cooling effect on sun burning area. It helps to restore color of skin after tanning.

Effects on Mood Swings and Premenstrual Syndrome

Rose essential oil is widely used in the treatment of mood swings in women during the menopause. It works by increasing confidence, mental health and self-power. It has powerful mind boosting characteristics. One researcher Jeanne Rose proved that this oil gives soothing effect on nerve endings. It depresses the activity of the central nervous system. Therefore, it is best remedy for relieving depressive symptoms as well as premenstrual syndrome. Aroma of this oil alone relieves these symptoms.

It can be used in steam inhalation, warm bath and in aromatherapy. It also decreases rate of respiration and maintain normal blood pressure.

Effects on women hormone

Rose oil is best used in the treatment of libido. Its uses described in ayurvedic. It works as aroma of the oil goes into brain through nose and activates the nerve endings in nose like olfactory bulbs, olfactory bulbs has direct connection in specific brain part such as limbic system. This system is responsible for triggering libido.

One researcher has proved that it also activated pituitary gland, which increases the sexual drive through secretion of sexual hormones. Rose essential oil has capacity to fire up the libido. It also acts on adrenal gland, which helps to maintain balance in female hormones.

Effects on menstrual cramps

Rose oil is mixed with lavender oil and almond oil with equal quantity. Apply this mixture on lower abdominal area and massage well for ten to fifteen minutes. It reduces muscle cramps due to menstruation.

It also reduces the symptoms such as hot flashes, which is associated with menstruation.